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by Arnaldo Drés González


“Resguardo y Presencia” (Schutz und Schein / Shelter and Presence).

By Arnaldo Drés González

A Performance Art (Digital Photography / Video / Installation) ongoing project documenting body actions and moving objects in the landscape, exploring human connections between reality and the metaphor of a character in a cultural and geographic context.

In 2012, González began this project when on his first trip abroad (Canary Islands) he set his sights on the green fabrics that covered the facades of the old houses on the island of Tenerife. González decontextualizes its protective function by thinking about what would happen if we ourselves covered our bodies with this material. Would we then protect the physical and spiritual integrity of our body, or would we protect the environment from ourselves? A first critical but poetic thought as a migrant and foreigner under a political perspective. A preposition inspired by a concept of global freedom of people that is changing and dependent on their geolocation.

Since then, González has recorded different body actions in photography and video, covering his body with green fabrics on different trips around the world in which he dialogues with other green fabric interventions that cover many other buildings and objects in the urban and rural landscape. The result is an ongoing performance art work to reflect on not only the external appearance of a body or object (which is the characteristic form of a living being - human or animal - in the landscape), but also about its possible socio-political and cultural symbols. 

Arnaldo Drés González is a visual artist (1986) from Caracas – Venezuela. Descendant of Spanish grandparents (Canary Islands). Since 2014 lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. His art practice explores body languages through fine arts and new media. The problems of the diaspora, the strangeness and peculiarities of home and abroad in relation to his own body, his thinking, feeling and action have become an integral part of his artistic process. In this context, his works are based on visual poetry from analog and digital environments that depict the figuration and abstraction of the human body as well as the landscape in order to generate reflections about identity in the migration context.

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Nov. 10 - 13.
RESTROSPECTIVE - AFFORDABLE ART FAIR HAMBURG (Emerging Artists Editions 2012-2022)
Hamburg Messe Eingang West, Halle A3, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

Nov. 25 - 27.
(Solo Show) Galerie 21 im Vorwerk-Stift, Vorwerkstrasse 21, 20357 Hamburg
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