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Arnaldo González
 2019, (Serie)
Cola-sin-color, Arnaldo González, 2017
Revelaciones, Arnaldo González (wax, pencil, marker, acrilic on paper)
Drawing, Arnaldo González, Visual Artist

Arnaldo González is a multidisciplinary artist who uses diverse media such as drawing, painting, collage, artist's book, video and sound. He develops visual poetry in digital and analog environments in which he creates and manipulates images and sounds with different forms, functions and meanings. In this way he emphasizes creating new semantic relationships between subject and object as a manifestation of the heterogeneity of forms and their metaphorical perception.

In the Gonzalez´s work people can find representations of fantastic scenes and characters, mostly autobiographical, as well as the search for identity through elementary and organic associations with human anatomy and geographical spaces. In many occasions he uses the digital record of his own body to create the materiality that we see later in a static or moving way in his visuals. For Gonzalez is important to use the body as a material for creation as well as the reuse of physical and digital materials to give semantic continuity to his visual poetry.

González works with mixed media drawings on different supports such as cardboard, photographic paper, canvas as also works with artist's books and video creations. For his drawings he usually uses materials like pens, markers and acrylic paint mixed with digital collages. They outline moods and feelings. He uses too wax on some very delicate papers, which makes them translucent and underlines the sensitive nature of differents "soul landscapes". His inspirations depends on his perpections about the human body. He discovers differents identities by forming and deforming its forms and how they merge sometimes with geographical spaces that his imagination represents intuitively. At other times he takes the same sense of his creative process to video and performance art.

Text by Angela Holzhauer (Hamburg)

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